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Member Since: 2023


Founder, PyImageSearch | Founder, StrategyGroup.ai

With a PhD in computer science and a passion for making machines do his bidding, Dr. Adrian Rosebrock is like a mad scientist of the digital world.

In 2014, he unleashed PyImageSearch.com upon the masses, offering a secret gateway to artificial intelligence training for developers and programmers (rumor has it that he can make a toaster recognize your breakfast preferences).

Along the way, he’s written enough books to fill a library, crafted content tutorials to make even the nerdiest of nerds swoon, and written more sales emails than an overzealous spam bot.

After PyImageSearch’s acquisition, he now runs StrategyGroup.ai, where he uses his AI sorcery to help businesses 2-3x marketing conversion rates.

It’s like watching Iron Man build a tech empire, but with more coffee and fewer explosions.