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CEO/Owner/Host/Dude Who Gets the Coffee, Beyond 8 Figures | Founder & CEO, Insights Lab

A.J. Lawrence is a dedicated and experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and growth marketing professional for a wide range of businesses and clients across different industry sectors.

With more than 25 years of exceptional experience across the areas of business strategy development, sales and marketing, recruitment, remote company development, and operations efficiency. With a vast professional background that dates back more than two decades, A.J. Lawrence presents himself as a seasoned business professional with a deep understanding and extensive expertise in knowing exactly how to derive meaningful and impactful insights from large data sets.

Considered an expert in digital strategy, growth modeling, product development, and launch, as well as digital marketing and data analytics, A.J. has spent much of his career working across industries as an investor, founder, and consultant. To date, A.J. has invested in more than six different startups, and he’s worked as an advisor with many other businesses. A proud past board member with Brooklyn Community Services and a steering committee member for NYU FACES. A.J.’s ability to quickly adapt his knowledge and strategies between for-profit and non-profit spaces has made him a valuable asset to nearly every business that he’s worked with throughout his decorated career.

Never one to shy away from an opportunity, A.J. is continually looking for new ways to connect with new businesses and entrepreneurs in emerging industries. In continuing his work as a consultant, advisor, and investor, A.J. is always on the lookout for opportunities that would allow him to serve as a passionate mentor, a connected networker, a dedicated problem solver, or even a willful guinea pig for a new idea. With experience in new business development across both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, A.J.’s expertise and understanding of how each industry dictates the growth of a business serves as a valuable asset that his clients can leverage.

A.J. currently resides in Southern Spain with family, one very good dog, and a beautiful garbage diver of a puppy.