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Member Since: 2021


Team Leader/Founder, Motorcycle Sherpa

Barrie is a lifelong world traveler that first developed his taste for adventure as a Peacekeeper with NATO and UN forces. He is also a serial entrepreneur who successfully developed and maintains three brands, a vintage motorcycle parts retail site www.oldbikebarn.com (that just had it’s 20th anniversary,) the all American-made Knife & Leather goods company www.whiteknucklerbrand.com, and a travel/adventure company www.motorcyclesherpa.com.

With Covid putting the kibosh on international travel and Motorcycle Sherpa’s high-altitude rides through the Himalayas of India and Nepal on hold, “Bear” (as Barrie is known to both friends and business associates) has turned his focus to his parent company, the Carpediem Group, which has produced a diverse set of multi-media offerings, from robust organic social media programing to complete content ecosystems and eCommerce builds. Its marketing powers have been successfully used by all three of Bear’s brands for years, and more recently implemented by a select group of handpicked clients. Going forward, in a natural evolution, the Carpediem Group will be offering the digital content ecosystems and tools it has developed to more companies. As Bear likes to say, “Carpediem Group seizes your problems, not your day!”