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Gordy Bal is a visionary connector. He is a devoted husband and a father to 3 spirited boys. After launching multiple successful digital marketing companies, Gordy turned his focus to Conscious Capital. In 2015, he founded an organization called Conscious Thought Revolution (CTR.com) that redeploys capital and invests in entrepreneurs, technologies and media that aim to measurably expand human consciousness. The organization consists of CTR Capital, a Conscious Venture Capital Fund that is deploying capital to change the world, and Conscious Partners, a traffic and marketing network that uses marketing as a force for good. Inspired by his own 3 children’s unique Genius, Gordy founded Xploration Centre, a new paradigm school centred around love, nature and exponential technology. The work Gordy does is all part of his larger mission to regenerate the planet, shift dysfunctional paradigms, and end human suffering.