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Member Since: 2023


Owner/Partner, Revitalize Wellness

Hendrick Klop hails from the picturesque landscapes of Chilliwack, British Columbia, where his roots were firmly planted on a dairy farm. It’s here that his unwavering work ethic was nurtured, setting the foundation for his future endeavors.

With a fervent passion for real estate, Hendrick embarked on his journey in 2011, establishing himself as a stalwart in the industry. His commitment to excellence and keen eye for opportunities have propelled him to new heights.

In a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, Hendrick, alongside his brother Jason Klop, recently ventured into the e-commerce realm, breathing life into Revitalize Wellness. This dynamic duo not only offers top-tier orthomolecular medicine supplements but also oversees the manufacturing of their products in the heart of Tennessee.

Beyond the boardrooms and bustling markets, Hendrick thrives on an active lifestyle. His love for adventure takes him globetrotting, while his enthusiasm for both summer and winter sports keeps him on the move. Yet, amidst his busy schedule, he cherishes every moment spent with his loving wife and their four amazing children.