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Member Since: 2018


Founder & CEO, Somnivore

Dr. Jack Allocca consults entrepreneurs and high impact individuals with leveraging altered states of consciousness across their personal and professional life. These profoundly personal upgrades enable entrepreneurs to future-proof their businesses and personal lives to withstand the competition brought on by emergent technologies. He uses his own body and mind as a laboratory and workshop, designing optimized protocols to maximize aligned value creation, adventure, and play.

Dr. Allocca is also the Founder and CEO of Somnivore Pty Ltd, a machine learning company providing data mining to neuroscience laboratories working on the study of consciousness. Dr. Allocca is a research fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His areas of research span psychedelic pharmacology, machine learning, and the neuroscience of altered states of consciousness. In the pursuit of his research, he has explored over 70 countries, from tribal settings, conflict zones and some of the most remote regions of the world.