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Co-Founder, brkthru

Jeff doesn’t take himself too seriously but if you must know, he is the Co-Founder of brkthru, a paid media service agency. He is also founder and President of Bidmedia, Hastedt Investments and Detroit Startup House, all of which are real estate endeavors and a place for aspiring entrepreneurs to try out their new ideas in a supportive space.

The title he prefers is CPO, Chief Pizza Officer as this is what he’s really passionate about.

He co-founded Brkthru in 2017 but his digital expertise dates back to 2000. He’s often seen as an invaluable resource for clients looking for growth in the digital space because of his ability to understand the need for service to clients opposed to pushing shiny objects. Jeff is married to his husband John, and they have two young sons, Connor and Greyson. They live in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.