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Member Since: 2020


CEO & Founder / Marketing Consultant, The Email Marketers

Melanie Balke was born in Germany, where she started her career in marketing consulting in very traditional German industries: Automotive, Telecommunication, and Healthcare.

After stumbling into a start-up project, she fell in love with the fast-paced, young company world. Later, when she moved to Los Angeles, she joined one of the first – if not the first – furniture e-commerce brands, Apt2B.

After a few years of in-house and agency experience for e-commerce brands as well as the Head of Email Marketing for LA’s fastest-growing agency, Melanie founded her own Email Marketing Agency.

Now to the juicy stuff: She’s an avid surfer, water woman, film aficionado, food lover, culture explorer, dad joke teller, and thinks she’s hilarious (not always agreed upon by friends).

Last but not least, always happy to help – so reach out!