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Member Since: 2019


Founder, DKZ Equity

Niraj is an entrepreneur, investor, and board advisor focused on the Real Estate and Health & Wellness industries.

Fortunate to recover from a sudden, serious stroke at just 30 years old, he has been trying to make the most of life ever since.

Niraj’s company, DKZ Equity, helps company owners serving the Real Estate and Health & Wellness industries to improve, grow, or sell their businesses. It does that through acquiring either minority ownership or a controlling interest in the company, always striving to create mutually beneficial outcomes and to dramatically increase shareholder value.

Alongside business, Niraj’s primary passions and pursuits are:

*Exploring meditative practices, brain/mind performance, and wellness technology;
*Studying personal investment and wealth management;
*Frequent adventures in travel, snow, and mixed drinks.

He shares learnings and insights about entrepreneurship, mental performance, and personal growth at nirajs.com.