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My work and learning has centred around technology, wellness, investing, finance, real estate and entrepreneurship.

Currently I am:

– Exploring avenues to start a new business, relearning to code (Ruby), getting involved in the digital assets ecosystem (blockchain, DeFi, metaverse, crypto etc).

– Being hired to speak about technology and mental wellbeing by companies like Amazon and Starbucks.

– European Co-Chair of Silicon Valley’s Transformative Technology Lab, the leading global community for wellbeing technology start-ups.

A brief history of my journey so far:

– I grew up playing with PCs in the 80s & 90s. Used my summer job money to make equity investments, interned at a dotcom, got a Masters degree in IT and was planning to go to Silicon Valley when the dotcom bubble burst.

– Fell into the recruitment industry. Spent my 20s learning about complex financial markets and their computerisation as I ended up in Hong Kong headhunting derivatives traders and algorithmic quant traders for investment banks.

– Disillusioned after the 2008 credit crunch, in 2010 I decided to leave my job to start a business. During that time I suffered an unexpected, serious stroke at just 30 years old. Lucky to recover, I worked for two tech startups for experience but failed to get any of my own tech ideas going.

– In 2012 I started a real estate company that used a lot of tech to get an edge in closing deals, managing refurbishments & ongoing rental management, e.g. my 1st tenant electronically signed rental contracts sent to her mobile phone after a remote video viewing. That’s still not the norm in 2021.

– In 2014 I co-founded CrowdProperty.com, a peer to peer real estate finance company that’s still going strong in 2021.

– From 2015 I advised some wellness / wellness tech firms and invested in a couple whilst running my real estate business.

– Eventually I started an online mental wellness company that helped thousands of folks around the world and was featured in the likes of Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan. I also led 1,000 Londoners in meditation on a car free Tower Bridge and got hired to speak at Cisco EMEA Live! and EY’s (Ernst & Young) European Partner Conference.

Topics I love to discuss & learn about: business, technology’s effects on society, mental wellbeing and performance in a chaotic world, blockchain / crypto / metaverse.

Things I love to do: travel, meditate, action sports (snowboarding, kitesurfing), make cocktails.