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Member Since: 2023


Owner, Test My Home

Ryan Blaser is the Founder of Test My Home, an indoor environmental testing company dedicated to improving people’s health and wellbeing. As a functional medicine doctor for your home, Ryan uses his expertise in building biology and healthy home consulting to identify and address toxic sources that could be impacting health.

Ryan’s extensive educational background in electrical engineering, environmental toxicology, and electromagnetic radiation, combined with years of experience in industries such as mold remediation, construction, and nuclear waste cleanup, has given him a deep understanding of the relationship between humans and their built environment.

After a personal wellness journey, Ryan founded Test My Home to help others achieve optimal health. He personally experienced the detrimental effects of mold exposure and lead inhalation, which caused unusual and serious health symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, and brain fog. After unsuccessful attempts with conventional doctors, Ryan took the initiative to investigate his home environment and found the source of his health issues. He cured himself and is now sharing his knowledge and experience with the world.

What makes Ryan stand out is his genuine care for people and his commitment to finding real solutions.