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Member Since: 2022


CEO & Co-Founder, All About Parenting

Stefan Irimia is an entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of All About Parenting, one of world’s leading organization in parenting education. He brings 20 years of business experience to his team members and partners including executives, parenting experts and psychologists. He is an expert in the Unique Ability framework and has helped many colleagues and friends to create the ideal professional context for themselves.

He is a not-so-serious student of human behavior, neurology, astrophysics and a wannabe speed reader. When he doesn’t work he pretends to be learning something and he pays for expensive courses just to be able to brag about them later.

Stefan lives with his wife, Monica, in different parts of the world, changing places every 3 months or so. He dreams that one day they will settle to one place and have 2 dogs or 3.

To connect with Stefan feel free to add him on LinkedIn. If you want to see where he is in the world, connect with his wife, because she’s the one posting on social media.