How a Strange German Idiom Relates To Business Events

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According to the Internet, in 1512 a German Satirist named Thomas Murner coined what could be the most important phrase ever uttered for 21st century entrepreneurs.

Don’t Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater

Yes, even those ancient Germans understood the value of keeping the valuable stuff, while getting rid of the bullshit.

If you’ve been to any business or marketing events, please think of all the stuff that sucked about it… and at the same time… think about the value you got even with all of the bullshit.

Really, right now… take about 5 or 6 hours and make a list. You can use the chart below as a reference…

Ok, glad you’re back.

The Baby Bathwater Cheat Chart


Business Events, The Murky Bathwater

After years of soul searching, academic research, and a vision quest or two, we have examples of Business Event Bathwater:

Generic Hotel Food
Cash bars (Drink Tickets… are you kidding me?)
Hotel DJs
Gurus preaching and peddling
Sheeple who worship the gurus
Stuffy hotels
Being forced to listen to speakers
A bunch of folks with zero social awareness
A big “back-end” pitch
Folks who add zero value, not at the right level…

What are yours? Please comment at the end of this post.

Business Event Bathwater Chart



Business Event Baby

Remember that list you just took 5 hours to complete? Now think of the baby.

What value did you get, even at events with a shit ton of bathwater?

Over the years, even at the worst event… we always found at least one or two
incredibly fun, honest, and valuable folks who we added to our world.

We also usually found a way to find those folks, and go outside of the event and have a hell of a time… Eating good food outside of the hotel, good drinks at real bars, etc…
Real people, doing fun shit.

How about you?

What babies have you found at sucky events?

Business Event Baby Diagram



This is a Set-Up – Time to Share

Some scholars have determined that The Baby Bathwater Events have the lowest amount of bathwater and the highest amount of baby in the civilized world.

But we’re always trying to get better…

Please share your business event bathwater experiences (the funnier the better).

Your baby experiences…

And your dream event scenarios.

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