Anoop Kansupada

Managing Director, protoCapital

Anoop has over 10 years of startup experience in various capacities. He joined protoCapital in 2018 as Managing Director. Anoop brings a wealth of relationships developed hosting many events, dinners and retreats while at Loeb Enterprises and the Founders Organization.

Anoop comes to protoCapital from The Founders Organization, an invite-only group made up of successful founders with over $1.5 mm in net revenue across various sectors and regions. From 2016, TFO has had over 60 dinners in 20+ cities. Through over 60 dinners in 20 cities Anoop’s phone-free events focused on networking, value creation, management of online infrastructure, third party logistics, and all forms of marketing.

Prior to TFO, Anoop was instrumental in the launch of, a Michel Loeb (Loeb Enterprises) incubation startup studio. He collaborated with the venture team around the qualitative and quantitative analysis of new and existing investments. By working directly with company founders, he was able to examine and test emerging businesses across a multitude of industries, explore new sectors through direct and indirect research and facilitate marketing efforts to raise capital across a variety of investment platforms.

Some of Anoop’s earlier works included projects for ScriptRelief, a $1 billion-plus internally grown portfolio company, as well as serving in the role of Director of Digital of SiO Beauty. SiO, a backed company with over $20mm in net revenue, specifically tapped into Anoop’s talents in website/3PL infrastructure and digital and influencer marketing.

Anoop graduated from George Washington University with a double concentration in International Business and Hospitality Management. Anoop is on the board of Mouth Media Networks, and has been a mentor to the New York Fashion Tech Lab, NUMA New York, and Startup Institute. He is an avid reader and lives in the East Village with a glorious hat collection.