Austin Felton

Founder, Entrecloud

For many years Austin had been working with digital marketers and online businesses optimizing their websites and creating web apps for them. He found in his experience that the hosting industry was severely broken and most entrepreneurs didn’t know how it was negatively affecting their bottom line. There didn’t seem to be a solution for non-technical people to easily host fast, high converting websites. He knew that if he wanted to solve this problem, he was going to have to create it himself, so he did.

Entrecloud is a WordPress cloud hosting company for influential entrepreneurs and digital agencies. Entrecloud is built for user-friendliness and scalability, our system scales websites automatically based on traffic and improves rank in Google by making your site load incredibly fast. They’ve also extended this platform with a product for web design and development agencies that automates their business. Entrecloud is perfect for massive product launches or any other high-traffic situation. The end result is more money from more traffic, more leads, more conversions, less time spend with tech support and a dramatically improved user-experience thanks to the skilled Entrecloud team. That means you resting easy knowing that your tech is handled and your impact growing on auto-pilot.