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Member Since: 2020


Founder, Solenica

Diva is the founder and CEO of Solenica, as well as the inventor of our flagship product Caia. Diva has a Bachelor in Biotechnology from La Sapienza and a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Cambridge. She was also part of the last class of the Master “In The Boardroom 4.0”, a course prepping women executives to take part in international and national boardrooms. Diva attended the NASA university program Singularity University in 2010, and has been an honorary member of the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club since 2013. She was nominated “Top 50 Women in European Tech” by Forbes in 2018 and has given two TEDx talks, one in Rome (2017) and one in Matera (2018). She was also awarded the Young Global Innovator Award by MIT Tech Review in 2017 and has worked with Huawei on their artificial intelligence campaign (2017) as well as with Land Rover on their sustainability campaign (2019). In 2019 Diva was awarded the Pleiade International Award in the field of Innovation and New Technologies.