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Co-Founder, 3-BG
Tamas is an entrepreneur, an e-commerce passionate and the co-founder of 3BG. With an Economics and Advertising background, he worked both in major corporations and in BTL agencies before deciding to build his own business. His professional experience helped him understand the need for well established objectives.Back in 2014, he discovered Amazon and immediately understood the huge potential and value of e-commerce, launching his own private label brand just a few months later. He grew his business by himself fast and with great results, but he soon realised the importance of a team. So in 2016, he started his business expansion by building a team that was working alongside him on various e-commerce projects as Amazon, Shopify and drop shipping from all over the world.In 2019, after a 7-figure exit from the Amazon scene, he decided to regroup and find new ways to stay ahead of the game, bringing innovation to the e-commerce world.Teaming up with other experienced entrepreneurs and e-commerce passionates was the next logical step. It brought forth 3BG, a fast-growing American start-up with a worldwide presence that designs, builds, and grows e-commerce private labels while also enhancing the customers’ digital experience.